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Common Concerns:
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Emotional Stress
  • Reproductive troubles
  • Hyper/hypo sugar levels

    Master Gland Formula
       Abundant nutrition is essential to glandular health. This formula contains vitamins and minerals of recognized nutritional support to the glandular system in a base of herbs historically used to provide nourishing trace elements and phytonutrients for both male and female function. Use as a daily supplement to promote healthy glandular function.
    Stock No. 2870-7 (120 count)
    Stock No. 2871-8 (120 count) Vegitabs

       The 10-herb combination that comprises Energ-V provides essential nutrients needed for optimal vitality in support of the nervous, circulatory and glandular systems. Energ-V, which provides manganese, sodium, zinc and vitamin A, is commonly used in conjunction with vitamin C, B-complex, bee pollen and iron supplements. Energ-V contains the well-known herbs Siberian ginseng, gotu kola, capsicum, licorice root and schizandra fruit, as well as bee pollen, yellow dock root, kelp plant, barley grass herb and rosehips.

    Stock No. 854-2 (100 count) capsules
    Stock No. 855-5 (100 count) Vegitabs

    Men's Formula™ w/Lycopene
       This formula is designed especially for men over 40 and features herbs recognized for their support of glandular health, particularly the prostate gland. Each capsule contains 440 mg of concentrated, standardized pygeum extract (Prunus africana), saw palmetto extract, stinging nettle extract, lycopene extract, gotu kola herb and zinc gluconate.

    Stock No. 3112-7 (60 count)

    X-Action for Men and X-Action Women
       X-Action, the result of extensive research and testing, contains unique herbal combinations that support reproductive health and provide nutrition for specific male and female activity and vitality levels.
       Men’s X-Action features muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) stem concentrate and yohimbe bark (Pausinystalia yohimbe) in a unique base of the amino acid arginine, damiana leaves, concentrated oat straw leaves, saw palmetto berries and DHEA to provide valuable nutritional benefits for men.
       Women’s X-Action contains seven herbs carefully selected with a woman’s unique needs in mind: red raspberry leaves, slippery elm bark, Siberian ginseng, ginger root, oat straw concentrate, damiana leaves and kava kava concentrate.

    Stock No. 1113-7 (100 count) Men's X-Action
    Stock No. 1114-3 (100 count) Women's X-Action

    Pro-G-Yam™ Cream
       Especially formulated for women, NSP’s Pro-G-Yam natural body cream features wild yam root extract, an excellent source of diosgenin (a precursor to progesterone). Each ounce also contains 5 mg of progesterone in the following unique herbal base designed for maximum skin absorption and efficacy: wild yam, yucca, chamomile, ginkgo and horsetail herb. Use no more than one tube per month. Comes in an easy to use, squeezable tube.

    Stock No. 4927-2-0

    Female Comfort
       This combination provides herbally based nutrition for maintaining healthy balance of the female glandular and reproductive systems. It contains red raspberry leaves, black cohosh root, dong quai root, queen of the meadow herb, ginger root, blessed thistle herb, licorice root and marshmallow herb.

    Stock No. 882-2 (2 oz.)

       A cool alternative to hot flashes, this formula contains the finest black cohosh standardized to specific levels of triterpene glycosides, a key active component. Dong quai is also included to further support the glandular system. A special time-release coating ensures consistent delivery for a full 10 hours.

    Stock No. 81-4 (60 tablets)

    Saw Palmetto
       Berries of the saw palmetto plant (Serenoa repens), a member of the palm family native to the coasts of Florida and Texas, are widely used to balance the hormones and support male glandular and reproductive health. Saw palmetto is a male tonic, particularly known for its support of prostate health and urinary function. NSP’s saw palmetto offers the highest concentration of natural fatty acids and sterols, the active herbal ingredients responsible for the herb’s popularity.

    Stock No. 630-4 (100 count)
    Stock No. 635-9 (60 count)